All About Leon Hart

I was born in St Leonards on Sea, a small little place in Hastings but spent most of my life in and around East London, moving there permanently at the age of 11.

Ever since I was a child painting was a big part of who I was, I found it a great escape and release for my energy and imagination.

As I got into adolescence it became a way of releasing my thoughts that I felt unable to communicate in words and to this day each piece is created through emotions drawn from my current state of mind due to life experiences. 

I was heavily influenced by the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Willem de Kooning through my teen years but overtime I developed my own style that portrays my feelings / emotions / thoughts in the way I feel they deserve to be shown.  A big part of that is adding texture so the viewer can also feel the work as well as see it.

I am available for commissions, and all existing pieces are for sale.


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